The Company

Our MISSION is to inspire your brand.

Our BELIEF is that people are moved by inspirational stories that capture the essence of who you are.

WHY we do what we do is because we are a community of artists with a passion for visual storytelling.

HOW we do what we do is by collaborating with one another to bring your brand to life.

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The Founder

Photo credit: David Schnack

Jodi Nelson 

Executive Producer |  Line Producer | Collaborator

Hi, I’m Jodi. With an ability to use both left and right sides of my brain in equal proportion, I’m a passionate type-A creator who operates primarily from intuition.  With over 17 years experience as a Producer in the commercial film industry, I excel at coming up with ideas (typically in my car), connecting the right people to the job, and executing from concept to completion. I’m also a creative collaborator and an international traveler.

What motivates me is providing meaningful experiences that move people emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I aim to bring a little art and soul to every project we touch.

With a focus in commercial, non-profit and global work, I have experience working with advertising agencies, production companies, corporations and advocacy groups, too. 

For five years, I lead adventure travel tours around the world through my personal project PLAY it Forward Adventures (PIF Adventures).  The PIF Adventures mission is to provide all encompassing travel experiences that give back to locals in the places where we play.

I believe in the power of collaboration to tell influential stories. Whether you're in need of a freelance producer, or an entire creative team, I’d love to hear from you.