Save Syria's Children

"Just because it isn't happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening."  Beautiful video produced for Save the Children.

Blue Morpho helps raise money for Breast Cancer

Last week we received a call from Hope Chest for Breast Cancer.  They were in a bind and needed a video for a Dancing With Local Celebrities fundraising competition over the weekend.  So we whipped up a little something. 

Their video was the only one to tell a personal story, it was the only one to receive a huge applause, and it helped their dancer win by raising more money than all other dancers/charities combined.  We're happy we could jump in and help out on such short notice.

Capturing the "disappearing" Native American race

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.35.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.41.31 PM.png

Support Matika Wilbur's Kickstarter campaign.  For every $3000 she raises, she can spend another month on the road documenting the Native American culture and collecting stories along the way.  She predicts this will take her approximately four years to complete.  Read the full article and watch video HERE.

Perception vs. Reality

See how quickly graphic artists can transform beautiful women into unrealistic models of perfection.... in just 37 seconds.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

I came across this lovely video for Dove today illustrating how hard we can all be on ourselves.  What an interesting exercise in illustrating how differently we see ourselves vs. the way that other people see us.  Be gentle with yourself.

"Abita" a short animated film

This Vimeo staff pick is an animated short film about Fukushima children who can't play outside because of the radioactivity - their dreams and their realities.  The animation and music are so beautifully done.  I love what the creator says about the use of the Dragonfly.

"We used only japanese symbolism in our film. Dragonfly represents at first the japanese island, because of its form. Dragonfly also symbolizes hope, perspective, dream, energy in Japan and it unites all the natural elements like water, earth and air. these was destroyed in children with the fukushima desaster, they don't have any perspectives for their future. Forthermore dragonflies in japan are carriers of fertility. The Dragonfly represents the innerworld of the child, that it wants to be free in nature, but it can't. Dragonfly is a popular symbol in japan and we often use it in arts, poetics and in literatures."


Living Carefree... If Only For a Second

The imagination of people.  Whoever came up with this fantastic idea of giving cancer patients makeovers is a genius.  See how they're able to experience living carefree again.... if only for a second.

Don't Let Labels Hold You Back

Blue Morpho Films is proud to announce we've been officially certified, and are now nationally recognized, as a woman owned production company by WBENC!  I love working with men, but unfortunately the message in this video by Pantene still rings true in our industry today.  To read the complete article "Labels Against Women" in Bloomberg Businessweek, click here.  Do you think this ad makes women feel more criticized than they really are?  Whatever your opinion, we hope you'll continue supporting women in film.

Female Freedom has an Expiration Date

This one is for all my fellow 35-and-older single ladies out there.  Director/Producer Paula Schargorodsky paints the perfect picture of what single life looks like when you remain true to yourself.  And at 38, I'm only just now starting to understand what everyone is talking about when they say it's about loving yourself first.  Enjoy!

Beagle Freedom Project

Did you know 96% of dogs used in laboraties are Beagles because of their gentle nature.  I have a 14-year old Beagle named Morgan so this issue is very near and dear to my heart.  This needs to stop.  No animal deserves to spend their life in a laboratory, Beale or otherwise.  To learn more about this and to sign a petition to free Beagles from laboratories, visit Beagle Freedom Project.