Photo credit: David Schnack

Jodi Nelson 

Blue Morpho Films  |  Executive Producer

Hi, I’m Jodi. With an ability to use both left and right sides of my brain in equal proportion, I’m a passionate type-A creator who operates primarily from intuition.  With nearly 20 years experience as a Broadcast Line Producer, I excel at coming up with ideas (typically in my car), connecting the right people to the job, and executing ideas from concept to completion. With a focus in commercial, non-profit and global work, I have experience working with advertising agencies, production companies, corporations and advocacy groups alike. I’m also a creative collaborator and an international traveler.  From 2007-2012 I lead adventure travel tours around the world through my other company, PLAY it Forward Adventures. 

In 2013 I joined forces with documentary filmmakers Dominic Howes and Joel Weber of Minneapolis-based Rikshaw Films.  With a combined skill set and diverse breadth of experience, our team can take on almost anything.  Services include estimating, producing, directing, shooting and post production.  Rikshaw owns their own camera packages and edit suite, too. Though our specialty is taking a documentary approach to short form storytelling, we also produce commercial content for clients such as Target and General Mills.

Whether you're in need of a Freelance Executive Producer or Line Producer in the Twin Cities - or a full production team - I'd love to hear from you.


Rikshaw Films is an Emmy Award-winning creative content studio dedicated to crafting emotionally and visually engaging brand stories. Whether collaborating with agency partners or clients directly, we’re passionate about developing, producing, and finishing projects of any size, on any budget. Our network of highly skilled production partners allows us to scale our productions to fit your needs, customizing our approach to exactly what’s needed to tell your story. Our history as a Director/DP duo has fostered a strong collaborative foundation with versatile skill-sets. We’re a team that has long experience working in real-world/docu-style production environments giving us a flexible, adaptable mindset. Whether it’s the storytelling, performance, lighting or location, we sincerely embrace the creative puzzle that comes with each and every project we touch.

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Dominic Howes

Rikshaw Films  |  Co-owner & Director

From his early adventures as a gold miner in the Alaskan wilderness to his time spent studying music in northern India, Dominic followed an unlikely path to directing films. It was after a three-year stint in the jazz-fusion band, Rikshaw Quartet that he co-founded Rikshaw Films with bandmate Joel Weber. Over the years, he's become an Emmy Award winning director, successful television writer and busy director/producer of commercial video content.  With a rich background in documentary filmmaking, Dominic loves the hunt for a good story. 

Joel Weber

Rikshaw Films  |  Co-owner & Cinematographer

As a kid, Joel was awed by the gods of Hair Metal, so when at the age of 15 he got his first double-bass drum kit, there was no turning back. His musical tastes turned to jazz and he moved to Los Angeles to study percussion. After a busy decade touring with the jazz-funk trio Greyhounds, earning a degree in filmmaking and a Masters degree in international business, Joel co-founded Minneapolis based Rikshaw Films. He's gone on to become a successful Cinematographer with a strong body of credits in television, documentary film and commercial production.